Featuring the Top Performing Electronic Pull Tab Systems in the Market

Creative Games electronic pull tabs solutions from FPN Gaming, a licensed North Dakota charitable gaming distributor

FPN Gaming has extensive experience with all licensed manufacturers including Grover, G2, Oasis, Arrow, Powerhouse, and Creative Games Technologies. We're happy to provide the lists of the pros and cons of each device and the pricing models for each.

FPN Gaming is the only distributor in ND to break the standard pricing model by introducing a flat rate ticket model. The flat rate model has been a big difference maker for many charities, some of whom have experienced 100% increases in profits from their previous etab setup.

FPN Gaming can provide an analysis of your current e-tabs setup and suggest fine tuning or a complete overhaul depending on the goals of your organization.

Creative and Innovative Pull Tab Tickets

Let us design custom games for your charity! Or, simply pick out one of the innovative games in our huge library. Every quarter we create several new games. Let our creative team go to work for you!

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