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Check out FPN's *New* Coinboards!

There's something about physical prizes that stimulate players. With prize boards, you can get creative with a $500 value prize. The most popular is a gun, but meat packages and gift certificates work well also.

Due to popular demand, FPN created a new line of Coinboards. So far we have come up with three (3) fun themes to choose from. "Trigger Happy", "Penny for Your Slots", and "Cash & Coin". Each board features thirteen (13) premium coins, forty (40) $5 or $10 playbacks, two (2) $50 Last cash sale (for each column), and forty (40) winning tickets to register for the Seal Prize. The Seal Prize is creatively hidden on the board, in the case of Trigger Happy it's the sticker covering the cylinder. There are 1512 total tickets, with approx $412 gross profit. The $2 versions more than double the profit, depending on exact prizes. And by the way, the $2 Cash & Coin prize board has been a big hit, it features double the profit, and gives players much more bang for their buck in terms of prizes. Note, seal prize is limited to $500 by state law.

Mini Maxim dispensing machines available (2-column 1600 ticekts per column). Please note, if you use a dispensing device you can do bar assist!

Vikings Prize Board - Limited Availability!

Vikings Prize Board product from FPN Gaming is a fun Prize Board to run at the kickoff of the NFL season. This is a $2 game with 1720 tickets, (usually) $720 gross profit (depending on exact prizes), featuring three seal prizes, thirteen (13) $50 cash winners, and forty (40) nostalgic playing cards. Nice way to mix things up and stimulate new sales. Perfect play for capitalizing on football fever in the fall.

Note, this game uses Jar Tickets and must be conducted by gaming employee. Contact us if you'd like a prize board dispensing version.


  • Customized Backlit LED Case holds tickets and displays the prizes (must be returned)
  • 3 Seal Prizes
    • Pair of Lower Level Game Tickets
    • Autographed Helmet
    • Autographed Jersey or similar item
  • Multiple Cash Winners and (40) Nostalgic Playing Cards of Current and Former Vikings.

Capitalize on football fever with this creative prize board from FPN Gaming. Available to ND licensed charities only. Customization available. Call, email, or Message us on Facebook with questions/orders.